Are you a parent trying to find a great read-aloud book to share with your child? Are you a grandparent seeking that perfect birthday gift for your grandchild? Are you a teacher looking for an educational book or poster for your elementary classroom? Maybe you are just one of those adults who never really grew up and still remembers the books and toys you cherished as a child.

Here at Moving Storybooks we believe in the power of stories for the young and the young at heart. Stories inspire imagination. Stories make us curious about the world around us. Stories help us learn life’s lessons. The first stories that are part of your home library as a child are especially powerful and long-lasting. And when a child’s imagination takes off anything can happen. He can fly to the moon in a rocket. She can be a famous writer. They can change the world.

Books in combination with toys help young minds create new chapters for the stories that have been read to them. And it’s in that play acting where everything happens. What does the hero achieve? What does the heroine believe?

The books and toys you select will help shape your child’s future. Educational studies show that reading aloud to children for just 15-20 minutes every day helps them to learn both at home and in school.

We at Moving Storybooks take this responsibility very seriously. We go through a careful process as we select the offerings here. Every book and toy is examined in detail to ensure it will bring joy, positive feelings, and educational value to your child.

But just because learning is important, doesn’t mean that it can’t be fun!

We create and pick products that meet high standards of quality but we also have fun choosing books and toys to offer to you. Once you make the selections that you want in your home, we package them with love and care and feel good knowing that they’ll be treasured by a special child.

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Kora from enjoys reading The Snowman’s Song: A Christmas Story.

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